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Olympiad Exam
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We are pleased to inform you that we have decided to conduct ICT, General Science, Math’s and English  Olympiad for the Academic session 2023-24. We are further delighted to inform you that from the Academic Session 2023-24. We have added English Olympiad for Class VIII.
1. ICT Olympiad
ICT Olympiad will be organized/conducted at two levels. (Age Group)
Age Group I: Students from grade V to VIII. Age Group II: Students from grade IX to XII.
Objective of conducting ICT Olympiad is to motivate students to strive for better and deeper understanding of the subject and enhance their reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills. You all will agree that the Olympiads are conducted to find WIZARD in the subject concerned and not limited by any syllabus or curriculum prescribed for age group.
It will be an on-line Multiple Choice Question Test. The ICT Olympiad for both the groups will not be based on text book syllabus. However in order to provide direction to students the syllabus for group I and group II will be forwarded to school subsequently.
2. a) General Science and Maths Olympiad for Class VIII & IX
It has been decided to conduct five Olympiads one each in the subject of General Science for Classes VIII, IX and Math's for Classes VIII, IX and XI respectively. It will be an online Multiple Choice Question Test.
b) Objective of organizing Maths & Science Olympiad is to encourage students to develop competitive spirit, Work hard to excel, sharpen their mental ability and enhance the analytical reasoning ability in a child. It increases the thinking capability, problem solving skills, confidence and helps in the overall development of a child.
Complete the syllabus of Maths and Science of Class VIII and Class IX by 5th Dec. 23. The syllabus of Maths Class – XI be completed by 1st Dec. 2023.
c) English Olympiad
i. English Olympiad will be conducted for Class VIII only. It will be an online Multiple Choice Question Test.
ii. Objective of organizing English Olympiad to enhance the use of English in speaking reading and writing skill of a student.
iii. Complete the syllabus of English of Class VIII by 5th December 23.
3. Registration and Fees :
• Registration will be open from 15th Sep. 23 and Close on 4th Nov.23.
• A nominal fee of Rs. 50/- per student per subject will be charged for English,ICT, Science and Maths Olympiad.
• Fee may be paid by multicity cheque/bank draft in favour of DAV Centre for Academic Excellence at the time of registration. The school which fails to complete the process of registration and default on payment of fees, will not be eligible to participate in online Olympiad.
• The Slot Selection be done after registrations are closed. DAVCAE will issue separate instructions for same in the month of Oct/Nov. 2023.
• Student Photograph is not mandatory.
• All students will take the competition from school laboratory only.
4. Participation :
• You are requested to encourage students of your school to participate in above mentioned Olympiad as per their applicability.
5. Hardware & Software :
• Students will give the exam from School Computer Laboratory.
• Windows 7 and above
• Intel Core i3 Processor and above
• Minimum 4 GB RAM
• Latest Version of Chrome or Firefox only ( Will not support any other browser)
• Internet Speed should be good so that students complete the exam successfully.
• Power Backup to ensure uninterrupted session.
6. School :
School needs to provide phone numbers of 2 Coordinators for smooth conduct of the competition.