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Textbooks from Classes-LKG to VIII

The Centre has designed textbooks along with practice/work books for all the areas and subjects from Classes-LKG to VIII. Textbooks are interactive and have been designed keeping in mind the principles and maxims of teaching. Each lesson is interspersed with interactive games and activities to make the teaching-learning process interesting and child-centered. The development of skills and concepts are interlinked and grow in a graded manner. Notes for teachers regarding how to introduce any concept, reinforce a skill and proceed with the lesson to meet the behavioural objectives of a chapter are also included. Appropriate methodology along with the teaching-learning materials to be used by the teachers and children are mentioned in each chapter.      

List of Text Books from Classes-LKG to VIII for the Academic Session, 2023-24.

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Contents are based on NCERT Curriculum, Colourful presentation, Builds concept in fun way, Develops various skills effectively, Simple to complex flow, Easy to hold and carry.

Extension of the previous knowledge, Extensive use of illustrations, Activity-based approach, Worksheets to have hands-on approach, Integrated content matter, Child-friendly presentation.                  

Activity-oriented approach, Scope for self-study, Well-illustrated and colourful, Comprehensible language, Stresses on environmental concepts, Stimulates imagination and observation.

Thematic based contents, Interactive in nature, Lively illustrations, Provides scope for language development, Ample activity worksheets, Develops curiosity.

Profusely illustrated, Develops language skills, Strengthens logical and analytical learning, Self-correcting and application-based activities, Introduction to the physical and social environment, Introduction to general knowledge and computers.   

Extension to whatever is already done, Thematic approach, Develops concepts in lucid manner, Sharpens reasoning and thinking abilities, Enhances logical thinking, Interestingly presented.  

Enhances development of language skills, Introduction to Sanskrit language, Simple to complex flow of contents, Stimulates logical thinking, Application-based exercises, Learning by doing.    

Based on curriculum given by NCERT, Stresses on language development, Use of three-language formula, Formal teaching of Sanskrit language, Activity-based and recapitulative exercises, Develops experimental and analytical skills.

User-friendly approach, Enhances curiosity and prompts fact-finding, Diagrammatic conceptual presentation, Theme-based language concepts, Activity-based approach, Enhances self-learning.

Based on NCERT curriculum, Develops all four skills of language learning, Mind drilling exercises, Stimulates thinking and experimentation, Enhances spirit of enquiry, Prepares the base for the next class.