dav centre for academic excellence


DAVCAE conducts round the year in-service trainings for Master Trainers in all subjects at all levels through a decentralized training cycle, starting from the identification of training needs till the assessment of transfer of learning to classrooms. The selected Master Trainers are trained at DAVCAE by Resource Persons and experts. These Master trainers then go back to their Training Centres/Clusters in different zones/states and disseminate the new learning. While training, their sessions are monitored by Assessors for effectiveness and quality check. Later, when the teachers modify their teaching methodology after the in-service training, inter-cluster observations are done to assess transfer of training in the classrooms. Hence, the end user, the child is benefitted in this process. Any lacunae or gaps in classroom teaching-learning processes contribute to next level training needs, thus completing the cycle. (Please check the infographic.)