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Capacity Building Programme for Library Manager

Event Code :DAVCAE-TRA-10000246
Title Capacity Building Programme for Library Manager
Subject Library
Level Other
Date Start Date: 02 Nov 2022
End Date: 03 Nov 2022
State All State
Group I

Programme Coordinator : Ms. Nimisha Sharma, EO, DAVCAE

Mob. No.: 9899015089; DAVCMC Extension No. : 231 


  1. To empower librarians and transform them into Library Managers
  2. To help librarians visualize libraries as potential Literary and Cultural Hubs and help in realizing DAV’s vision
  3. To make DAV a popular brand platform to promote work of Literature
  4. To produce avid readers and prolific writers from DAV to society


DAVCMC Multipurpose Hall, DAVCMC

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Takeaways of the workshop

  1. Library & Library Managers : A Paradigm Change
  2. Rethinking Library space & ethos
  3. Library as a literary and cultural event hub
  4. Libraries in the digital era : Technology, Google era & the Librarian
  5. Skills & Qualifications of a Librarian

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