Frequently Asked Questions for Olympiad - 2021

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Olympiad 2021

Q1. Where can I find the details regarding Olympiad?

Ans.Please visit to DAVCAE  website under the Olympiad Icon/Link.

Q2. Who all can appear in the Olympiad conducted by DAVCAE?

Ans. Students who have registered for the Olympiad examination can appear in this exam.

Q3. How students can register for the Olympiad?

Ans. Student can register through Online Registration process through their school.

Q4. Do I need to register my School students for Olympiad?

Ans. Yes, you must register your students for the Olympiad as and when the registration opens.

Q5. Do all the students are expected to take the exam?

Ans. No, only students willing or interested may take the examination.

Q6. How and when the registration for Olympiad is done?

Ans.Registrations are done online, usually in the month of September. However, you must look for the announcements. Currently the registrations for 2021 are open till 30th of October.

Q7. Is there any registration fee?

Ans. Yes, there are registration charges which should be collected by the schools from every student registering for this Olympiad examination and same will be sent to DAVCAE.

Q8. In how many subject the Olympiad is conducted?

Ans. Olympiad is conducted in Mathematics, Science and ICT.

Q9. What is the objective of conducting ICT Olympiad?

Ans. ICT Olympiad is conducted to find a WIZ KID in ICT, that is, a student who is exceptionally good in the subject concerned and has the knowledge over and above the prescribed syllabus.

Q10.  Which age group or class group can register for ICT Olympiad?

Ans. ICT Olympiad is conducted for following two Groups:

Group 1: Students studying in Classes-V, VI, VII and VIII can register in Group 1.

Group 2: Students enrolled in Classes-IX, X, XI and XII can register under Group 2.

Q11.  Is there any prescribed syllabus for Group 1 and Group 2?

Ans. Yes, there is a prescribed syllabus for both the groups available on DAVCAE website.

Q12. After reviewing the syllabus, students studying in Class-VIII want to register themselves for Group 2. Will they be permitted to do so?

Ans. No, students will not be permitted to do so, as they need to be in concerned class group to register for Group 2.

Q13. Do we have any sample papers uploaded for these groups on DAVCAE website?

Ans. No, Sample Papers are not available on DAVCAE website. However, schools are free to provide sample practice questions to students.

Q14. Do we allow schools to organise or conduct Olympiad preparatory classes?

Ans. We leave it to schools how they wish to prepare students for the Olympiad, but schools are not allowed to take any extra charges (remuneration) from the students for this purpose.

Q15. Is there any provision to conduct offline Olympiad?

Ans. No, Olympiad is only online.

Q16.   What is the infrastructure requirement for online Olympiad?

Ans. School must have a computer lab with working computers and a high-speed internet access. If the school is unable to conduct the exam due to pandemic, students can take the test from home provided the laptop has a camera in working condition, high speed internet connection and has already registered for the exam.

Q17. What is the procedure in case of electricityfailure and network instability during the  Olympiad?

Ans. Student will get in touch with teacher incharge of Olympiad who in turn will inform DAVCAE regarding all such cases with registration numbers and name of students to get a new slot alloted.

Q18. Can a student appear in Olympiad from a Mobile Phone or tablet?

Ans. No, Students are not allowed to appear from their mobile phone or tablet.


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