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FAQ's of Olympiad

Posted by : DAVCAE Expiry Date : 31/12/2020


Q1. When the registration for Olympiads will commence?

Ans. Registration for Olympiad will be open from 10th of September 2020.

Q2. Is there any registration fee?

Ans. A nominal fee of Rs. 50/- per student per subject will be charged for ICT, Science and Maths Olympiad.

Q3. How schools are going to pay registration fees?

Ans. Fee may be paid by multicity cheque/bank draft in favour of DAV Centre for Academic Excellence at the time of registration. Any school which fails to complete the process of registration and fails to deposit the fees on time, will not be eligible to participate in this on line Olympiad.

Q4. How the slots for Olympiad are selected?

Ans. During initial registration no slots are to be selected. (Registration form will open again in November for slot selection). Depending on the situation we will be fixing the exam dates and accordingly opening the slots in November.

Q5. Is the photograph of student mandatory? If Yes, what should be the size of photograph?

Ans. Student Photograph is mandatory. Photograph should be clear and coloured. Size of the photograph should not be more than 200 KB. If student is taking exam from home photograph is mandatory.

Q6. Is any option given to students to take exam from home?

Ans. In the Registration Form it is mandatory to indicate the option of student taking the exam from home / School Laboratory ( In case of home, laptop of minimum specification is required). If student selects home option he will be given different slots for exam. ( example 8 morning to 10 OR 5 evening to 8 in the evening)

Q7. What is the minimum Configuration of Hardware and Software required to take online examination?

Ans. Hardware & Software :

  • Windows 7 and above
  • Intel Core i3  Processor and above
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM
  • Latest Version of Chrome or Firefox only ( Will not support any other browser)
  • Web Camera if Student is opting for exam from home
  • Internet Speed needs to be good to be able to complete the exam successfully.
  • Power Backup to ensure uninterrupted session.

Q8. Who will Co-ordinate Olympiad for smooth Conduct of Examination?

Ans.  i) School needs to provide phone numbers of 2 Coordinators for smooth conduct of the  exam.

         ii) School Coordinators will be taking queries of the students taking exam from home and  calling the support team for clarification. No parent of student will call support team directly.

Q9. When the Link of registration form will be available for students to start registration  process?

Ans. The link of Registration form will be available wef. 10th Sep.20 to 30th Oct.20 on DAVCMC and DAVCAE Website.

Q10. What is the user name and password for registration?

User name and password are the same as DAVCAE .

Q11. How do we get support?

Ans. You can call on the following numbers.

For olympiad related queries please contact on the following numbers :
Umesh 8580651163
Avesh 6230084729
Dinesh 8219572522
Rishi 9816302950
Sunil 6230064729

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