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Olympiad is a Competitive Examination based on the School Syllabus. DAV Centre for Academic Excellence has been conducting Olympiad for the past few years for the students of DAV Public Schools in the subjects of General Science, Mathematics and ICT.

The Olympiad for General Science and Mathematics are conducted for the students of Class-VIII and Class-IX. There are four Olympiads, one each, in these two subjects and for these two classes. Its format is an Online Multiple Choice Question Test.

The objective of organising Science and Maths Olympiad is to encourage students to develop competitive spirit, work hard to excel, sharpen the mental ability and enhance the analytical reasoning ability. The exam also aims to increase the thinking capability, the problem solving skills and the confidence in students, thus, helps in their overall development.


The ICT Olympiad is conducted the following two levels:

Age Group I: Students from Classes-V to VIII.

Age Group II: Students from Classes-IX to XII.

The format of ICT Olympiad is also an Online Multiple Choice Question Test. In order to find a Wizard in the subject concerned, the directions pertaining to its syllabus are sent by this office.

The objective of conducting ICT Olympiad is to motivate students to strive for better and deeper understanding of the subject and enhance their reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills. 

The conduct of Olympiad in the above mentioned subjects help our students to become the leaders of tomorrow and prepare themselves for future challenges.


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