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Q1. What kind of examinations does  DAVCAE, DAVCMC conduct?

Ans. DAVCAE conducts centralised examinations for Classes-VIII and XI.

Q2. Which students are eligible for these centralised examinations?

Ans. The students of DAV Schools, which are affiliated to DAVCAE, are eligible for these examinations.  

Q3. Who provides Question Paper for Examinations of Class-VIII and Class-XI?

Ans. DAVCAE provides Question Papers of all the subjects of Class-VIII. With regard to Class-XI, it provides only Science and       
       Commerce streams Question Papers to the schools. 

Q4. Who are involved in the designing of Syllabi and Sample Question Papers for  Classes-VIII and XI?

Ans. DAVCAE conducts subject-wise workshops to design syllabi and question papers. Subject Experts from different institutes of
       repute are invited to conduct sessions. Best teachers from DAV schools in Outstanding Category are invited to design the
       syllabi and question papers under the guidance of subject experts.    

Q5. How does DAVCAE issue Roll Numbers to the students for these Examinations?

Ans. DAVCAE issues Roll Numbers only for Class-VIII Examinations. Hence, the schools are required to visit DAVCAE website
       www.davcae.net.in and register the names and sections of all the students of Class-VIII at Evaluation Icon under School
tab. After the registration of all the students, schools will save the data and then generate the Roll Numbers on
       clicking the Generate Roll Number button.   

Q6. Is there any Fees for these Examination?

Ans. Yes, there is a standard fees for the Examinations of both the Classes-VIII and  XI. Eligible students have to pay it to the

Q7. What is the evaluation process of Class-VIII answer sheets?  

Ans. A Centralised Evaluation System is created under the guidance of ROs/DROs/AROs. Cluster Heads are the main coordinators
       for examinations and evaluation of answer sheets. After the conduct of examinations at individual school, answer sheets are
       sent to the evaluation venue/centre as per the instructions of Cluster Heads.   

Q8. What is the Pass Percentage for Class-VIII and Class-XI Examination?

Ans. The Pass Percentage for Class-VIII is 33% and for Class-XI,  it is as per CBSE norms.

Q9. How marks are uploaded at DAVCAE website?

Ans. On completion of the evaluation process, the Regional Officer/Cluster Head uploads the marks of schools under their
       jurisdiction. School can only see/access the marks of students but they can’t change the marks.

Q10. Who declares the result of Class-VIII and XI Examination?

Ans. The schools are empowered to declare the result of all the students of Class-VIII & XI after the completion of evaluation

Q11. What is the process if a student doesn’t appear in main examination or fails to score the pass marks?

Ans. DAVCAE conducts Re-test for all the Medical Cases/Absentees/Failures in April after the Main examinations.

Q12. Who provides Question Paper for Re-test?

Ans. DAVCAE  provides online Question Papers for Re-test Examinations.

DAV Curriculum & Instructional Materials

Q1. What does DAV Curriculum & Instructional Materials comprise?

Ans. Curriculum and Instructional Materials comprise Text Books, Curriculum Guidelines, Teacher’s Manuals, Educational Kits,
        Evaluation Guidelines, Audio-Visual Aids, Multimedia Aids, Courses of Study & Scheme of Marking and Sample Question

Q2. For whom and up to which level the DAV Curriculum & Instructional Materials are designed?  

Ans. The Curriculum & Instructional Material are designed for DAV Public/Model Schools across the country and  for  Classes-LKG to

Q3. Who provides DAV Curriculum & Instructional Materials?

Ans. The Instructional Materials like Curriculum Guidelines, Teacher’s Manuals, Evaluation Guidelines, Educational Kits, Courses of
        Study & Scheme of Marking, Sample Question Papers can be procured from DAV Centre for Academic Excellence, whereas
        DAV Publication Division provides the textbooks from Classes-LKG to VIII.  

Q4. How to get the DAV Curriculum & Instructional Materials?

Ans. For instructional material other than the textbooks, you may write a mail to the Director DAVCAE and for textbooks write a
       mail to the Director Publication.

Q5. How to know about the availability of Text Books prescribed for a particular Academic Session?

Ans. A circular regarding the approved List of Text Books for every Academic Year is made available online at www.davcae.net.in.

Q6. Are the Soft Copies of in-house designed Text Books available on this website?

Ans. No, they are made available in PDF format only during urgency or any critical situation.

Q7. Where to obtain the Soft Copies of Curriculum & Instructional Material, if any available on the website?

Ans. These soft copies are made available on DAVCAE website, under the Downloads Section.  

Q8. How to send feedback on Curriculum & Instructional Material?

Ans. The feedback on Curriculum & Instructional Material can be sent directly to email id director.academics@davcmc.net.in.
        Besides this, DAVCAE designs online feedback Proformas from time to time for schools to get their feedback. Schools
        can fill these proformas using their School’s Username and Password.


Q1. What measures should I take before organising training?

Ans. As a Cluster Head, you need to collect the subject-wise training needs of your cluster schools. Get them consolidated,
       analysed and prioritised.

Q2. Do I need to attend a Master Trainer Programme organised by DAVCAE, DAVCMC to become a master trainer?

Ans. Yes, you need to.

Q3. How can I attend the Master Trainer Programme at DAVCMC?

Ans. If you wish to work as a Master Trainer you need to fulfill the criteria set by DAVCAE to becoming a Master Trainer. The
       criteria is available with School Principal. You may approach her/him and make a request in this matter. The Principal and
       Cluster Head may consider your case if find you a suitable candidate for the job.

Q4. What qualities must I possess to become a Master Trainer?

Ans. A Master Trainer should be blessed with excellent communication skills, grasp over the subject matter, techno-savvy, friendly
       with comfortable with various online platforms, bent for research work, creative, innovative and has a passion for teaching
       and training both. Also willing to travel if required.

Q5. Do Master Trainers get remuneration for their additional duty?

Ans. No, they do not.

Q6. Will a Master Trainer get a promotion out of turn for their contribution?

Ans. No such commitment is applicable.

Q7. What should I do so that participants listen to me during my sessions in the training programs?

Ans. Prepare well, you must have extra knowledge as compared to the other participants. Don’t be just one of them in terms of
       knowledge. Tell them something new, be innovative and don’t make your sessions as just another lecture to attend to.
       Make your sessions as interactive as possible.

Q8. What if I don’t find myself suitable for this profile after attending a Master Trainer programme?

Ans. Talk to your Cluster Head/ Principal/Training Coordinators with whom you are comfortable and share your concern.

Q9. What if I refuse to work as Master Trainer after getting the training in Delhi? Will it affect my promotion or job

Ans. No, if you have genuine reason it won’t affect anything.

Q10. How to get the information about upcoming trainings?

Ans. DAVCAE informs all ROs and Cluster Heads about the upcoming trainings with full details. Besides the information is also
       uploaded on the DAVCAE Home Page. If you click on training, it will also show the details of all upcoming trainings.

Q11. Can the teachers’ access information about training program from the website?

Ans. Yes, they can.


Q1. Where can I find the details regarding Olympiad?

Ans. Please visit to DAVCAE  website www.davcae.net.in under the Olympiad Icon/Link.

Q2. Who all can appear in the Olympiads conducted by DAVCAE?

Ans. Students who are registered for the Olympiad examination can appear in this exam.

Q3. How students can be registered for the Olympiad?

Ans. Students can be registered through Online Registration process by the school.

Q4. Do I need to register my students for Olympiad?

Ans. Yes, you must register your students for the Olympiad as and when the registrations open for the same.

Q5. Are all the students of the school expected to take this exam?

Ans. No, only students willing or interested may take the examination.

Q6. How and when the registrations for Olympiads are done?

Ans. Registrations are done online, usually in the month of August. However, you must look for the announcements.

Q7. Is there any registration fee?

Ans. Yes, there are registration charges which should be collected by the schools from every student registering for this Olympiad
       examination and same will be sent to DAVCAE.

Q8. In how many subjects is Olympiad conducted?

Ans. Olympiad is conducted in Mathematics, Science and ICT.

Q9. What is the objective of conducting ICT Olympiad?

Ans. ICT Olympiad is conducted to find a WIZ KID in ICT, that is, a student who is exceptionally good in the subject concerned
       and has the knowledge over and above the prescribed syllabus.

Q10. Which age group or class group can register for ICT Olympiad?

Ans. ICT Olympiad is conducted for following two Groups:
        Group 1: Students studying in Classes-V, VI, VII and VIII can register in Group 1.
        Group 2: Students enrolled in Classes-IX, X, XI and XII can register under Group 2.

Q11. Is there any prescribed syllabus for Group 1 and Group 2?

Ans. Yes, there is a prescribed syllabus for both the groups available on DAVCAE website.

Q12. After reviewing the syllabus, students studying in Class-VIII want to register themselves for Group 2. Will they
         be permitted to do so?

Ans. No, students will not be permitted to do so, as they need to be in concerned class group to register for Group 2.

Q13. Do we have any sample papers uploaded for these groups on DAVCAE website?

Ans. No, Sample Papers are not available on DAVCAE website. However, schools are free to provide sample practice questions to

Q14. Do we allow schools to organise or conduct Olympiad preparatory classes?

Ans. We leave it to schools how they wish to prepare students for the Olympiad, but schools are not allowed to take extra
       charges (remuneration) from the students for this purpose.

Q15. Is there any provision to conduct offline Olympiad?

Ans. No, Olympiad is only online.

Q16. What is the infrastructure requirement for online Olympiad?

Ans. School must have a computer lab with all working computers and a high-speed internet access.

Q17. Is there any requirement of minimum number of computers in a lab for registering the students?

Ans. There is no limit to number of computers required. If the number of computers is less than the number of students who
       opted to write Olympiad in a school, then school has to form several groups.

Q18. What is the procedure when number of registrations is much higher than the number of machines available in
         the school lab?

Ans. Schools will be allotted the multiple slots on the basis of number of machines available in the schools.

Q19. Can we ask students to take Olympiad from their homes on the day of online Olympiad?

Ans. No, students are not allowed to appear for online Olympiad from their homes.

Q20. Can the students appear in Olympiad from any cyber cafe?

Ans. The students should be under supervision while appearing for Olympiad at any Cyber Cafe. School has to ensure the required
        infrastructure for Olympiad.

Q21. Is there any provision for a student who takes leave on the day of Olympiad?

Ans. In this case, the absent student may be adjusted in another batch if school has multiple batches, after the approval from

Q22. What is the procedure in case of electricity failure and network instability during the Olympiad?

Ans. School has to get in touch with DAVCAE for all such cases with registration numbers and name of students to get a new slot
       of exam.

Q23. Can I upload questions for DAV Olympiad?

Ans. No, you can’t directly upload questions on the software. However, if you really think that you have quality questions that
       can be used for Olympiad exams, you can mail those questions to respective faculty through your Principal.

Resource Centre and Downloads

Q1. Can the Question Bank section of the website be accessed by both the teachers and the students?

Ans. Yes, it can be accessed.

Q2. Can the teachers upload the questions in the Question Bank section?

Ans. No, the teachers cannot do it.

Q3. Can the teachers/students make any changes in the uploaded questions in the Question Bank section?

Ans. No, they cannot make any changes.

Q4. Can the teachers download the assignments without school’s login id?

Ans. No, they cannot. Assignments can be accessed after Login through school’s Username and Password.

Q5. Can the school teachers make their own assignments and upload them in the Resource Centre/Downloads

Ans. No, they cannot do so.

Q6. Where should the teachers send assignments made by them for uploading?

Ans. They should mail them to director.academics@davcmc.net.in.

Q7. Why are the Question Banks for Science, Social Studies and Mathematics only there for Class-VIII?

Ans. Because the majority of the students do not score good marks in these subjects.

Q8. Does DAVCAE website offer any assignments or tools which can help teachers in their classroom transaction?

Ans. Yes, it does. You may download such assignments and presentations or movies from DAV CAE website from
       Downloads section with your school Login id.

Q9. Can I use these assignments in my school?

Ans. Yes, you are free to use these assignments in all best possible ways as you may think of for the benefit of your students.

Q10. How to access Downloads section for the materials related to any subject?

Ans. DAVCAE has given the specific Username and Password for DAVCAE website to every school Principal to log in the Resource
       Centre and Downloads. So with the same Username and Password you can access both the sections. Downloads link is in the
       left panel of the page at the bottom.    

Intellectual Hub

Q1. What kind of the material can be uploaded in the Intellectual Hub?

Ans. Innovative work done in the subjects.

Q2. Can I add a new post in DAV Intellectual Hub?

Ans. Yes, you can if you have signed up to the DAV Intellectual Hub.

Q3. How to add post in DAV Intellectual Hub?

Ans. Click on the Intellectual Hub icon on the Home Page of DAVCAE website, not on DAVCMC website. It will show a manual.
       Please go through it thoroughly. Step by step, it will resolve all queries regarding Intellectual Hub.

Q4. Can I edit my post in an intellectual Hub?

Ans. Yes, you can.

Q5. Can I edit other teacher’s post in the Intellectual Hub?

Ans. No, you have not got the right to do so. If you observe something wrong or objectionable in the post, you can be in touch
       with DAVCAE faculty or admin to make corrections.


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